Trustworthy and genuine Forex Brokers offer three imperative benefits. The first benefit which is also the most important is that the platform chosen should be regulated. The second benefit should be that the platform should give users access to a wide variety of educational resources. The third benefit is that the platform should provide access to essential information on the forex market.

Currency traders who are still new to trading in the forex market may spend endless hours, conducting research, trying a number of demo accounts and navigating through different forex platforms as they try to find the most suitable platform for their needs.

Putting in extra effort and attention to choosing a suitable broker is quite necessary as investing your money into any platform could be quite risky. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top three forex brokers for beginners. These brokers have suitable tools, features and customized interfaces that will really benefit beginners.

This platform offers one of the best software’s in the forex trading platform and it is quite popular amongst investors and traders in the market. The platform is regulated and offers beginners unique educational tools and resources. Beginners have the option of starting out with a free demo, then they have the option of advancing to the live MT4 trading platform or using the inter-web mobile version.

The platform is quite reliable with solid financial backing and a publicly listed company whose ownership is formed through stock shares that are meant to be traded freely on the stock exchange market.


The Alpari platform supports both the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader5 version which makes it such an ideal platform for beginner traders. Beginners can improve on their forex market knowledge by going through the in-depth foreign exchange courses available on the platform.

Alpari has a wide range of trading accounts. You can trade with a live account. You can also trade with a nano account on MT4 that allows you to use Eurocents and US dollar cents. Some of these trading accounts offer a commission-free trading option. You can use the platform on your desktop or your smartphone as well.


The eToro platform stands out with its unique feature that provides users with access to view what strategy and what method other traders are using. Starting out as a trader in the forex market can definitely be hectic and a little bit intimidating. This feature guides you accordingly by looking through the method and steps taken by successful traders.  

eToro is regulated allowing you to take part in trading activities without worrying about any fraudulent cases. The interface of the platform is beautifully customized and the website offers a ton of educational tools and resources for traders who are new to the game.


Proving new forex traders with effective educational tools and resources is quite important. Once you are more knowledgeable on investments and the forex market, the decisions you will make will be based on educated and intelligent facts. The best forex brokers continue to deliver educational tools to their clients.